Wittgenstein Family Database


record of death, Feudingen 1541

If you are looking for your ancestors from the Wittgenstein area, you have come to the right place.

The Wittgenstein Family Database contains the family relationships for more than 150,000 individuals. Most of them lived in the former Kreis (county of) Wittgenstein (North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany). The database also contains ancestors or descendants of some individuals who have lived outside of the area.

All individuals that were registered in the Wittgenstein church records before 1875 are also registered in the Family Database. The data has been compiled, entered and vetted. The data was supplemented with information from other sources.

The page titled <Selected Data> contains data of individuals who were born outside the Wittgenstein area, but who married or died there, or who appear in the church records or other data sources for some other reason.

Specific information and records from the database are available for a small fee.

Jochen Karl Mehldau


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